The red deer - magnificent & majestic

The reddish colour of its coat gives the red deer its name, also known as red deer among hunters. The colour of the coat varies throughout the year. In the summer months it is a reddish-brown hazel colour. By winter it turns greyish yellow to greyish brown. The winter coat is also shaggier and has a dense woolly coat underneath. Males and females differ in their physical development. While the female is already fully grown at around two years of age, the male only reaches its final size between the seventh and eighth year of life.

Its large, widely branched antlers make it particularly striking in appearance. These are worn exclusively by the male members of his species. The almost majestic-looking headdress, also known as the "forehead weapon" among experts, also earns it the nickname "king of the woods". In Central Europe, the red deer is one of the largest wild animals living in the wild.


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More than 'just' a headdress - the red deer and its antlers

The antlers are shed once a year between February and April. Afterwards, new antlers are formed immediately and are completed within about five months. In contrast to the male animal, the doe does not wear antlers, which is why it is also called a bald deer. In general, red deer live in the social structure of a herd. In the bald deer, the herd, consisting of dams, young animals and calves, is led by a leader.

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