Strong & vital game

Within my deer breeding I have specialised in pulling wild animals for blood replenishment for other breeding stock.

The most important thing here is to have particularly strong and vital game - to recognise and promote natural conditions. To bring stags with strong antlers and special breeding characteristics into the hereditary line and to select early-setting animals. To ensure the traceability of the hereditary line, it is essential to mark all animals in the herd. Only in this way can the respective offspring be assigned to the stag and the dam. This is how the pedigree is created.

Our game is also exchanged internationally and thus ensures the best breeding animals. We handle orders in Austria and internationally, e.g. in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Switzerland, South Tyrol, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and many more.

Trophies that speak for the vitality of our animals:

  • The top stags reach antler weights of up to 19 kg
  • Trophy weight of up to 14 kg in the 4th head (4th antler).
  • Trophy weight of up to 12 kg in the 3rd head (3rd antler)


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