Health has priority

The health of our animals is our top priority.

In addition to expert rearing and regular veterinary checks, this includes above all species-appropriate husbandry. Our red deer enjoy year-round natural housing conditions on a total area of about 14 hectares. For the species-typical sweeping and peeling, trees are presented to our animals throughout the year. Separate paddocks are provided for the calves, where they find sufficient cover and protection. By keeping them in separate paddocks, we can guarantee fresh pasture grass for our animals throughout the year. The feed (for the time when there is no vegetation) comes from our own agricultural land. This gives us the advantage of one hundred percent quality control.

We design the supplementary feeding according to needs and ruminants. Here, it is important to take into account the prevailing season, as well as the different performance stages and physiological changes of the deer. Thanks to our almost thirty years of experience in deer breeding, we can respond sensitively and individually to the needs of our animals.

The feeding areas are paved and are regularly cleaned and disinfected by us. The feeding troughs for stock feeding with hay are covered.

Constant access to fresh and clean drinking water is a matter of course anyway.


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